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About Us

Making Sure Your Enjoy Your Nature Adventures To The Fullest!

Welcome To MyLifeCare!

Avid nature lovers ourselves, we know how essential is sturdy, durable and long-lasting gear for your vitamin activities.

And we have established MyLifeCare to provide you with the reliable survival equipment you need in your nature explorations, the hiking, camping or mountaineering activities that make your heart bit faster!

Your Safety First!

Whether you are caught up in extreme weather in a mountain summit or on a fascinating river or lake exploration, your life and safety should not be put at risk by rain, wind or snow.

We provide you with the heavy-duty emergency bivvy bag that will keep you warm and dry in pouring rain or howling winds, along with the emergency whistle to alert rescue and the multipurpose paracord string for your tool hanging, gear repair or shelter building.

Crafted to perfection from thick heat retention Polyester used in NASA space missions, our emergency sleeping bag will reflect 90% of your body temperature, to keep you warm and cozy until the elements stop raving!

Enjoy A Unique Shopping Experience!

Passion for quality, integrity and commitment to your complete satisfaction make our core values.

Our peerless quality is coupled with prompt shipping, competitive pricing and the friendly Customer Service rendered by our experts 24/7, aiming to treat you to an unforgettable experience!

Thanks For Choosing Us!